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Complete Year: 2020

Project Size: 6000 sqft

Project Style: Traditional

Interior design by Chiclusso Studio


Quelfes is a whole-house interior project designed by Chiclusso Studio. The goal is to create a elegant and luxury living environment with the sense of the modern era for the clients. In order to design with their personal aesthetic tastes and comfortable preferences, we carefully designed each room with its own characteristics. The material selection also speaks for our design strategy and those mindful details we put into the creation of our client's dream space.

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The dinning room is designed to be used for welcoming guests and accessible for both sides. The window gives the dinning space access to the natural light during the day time. The main color of the space is mostly natural color because natural tones can provide with a calming environment. The smoothness of neutral tones could translate into boring for our clients. So, we add a few customized orange bar chairs in the kitchen to provide a steady, quiet, and soothing atmosphere.

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